I am a singer/songwriter, worship leader, producer, music director & studio recording engineer who has song placements and continues to work with established and up and coming Gospel Artists.

Songwriter of Gospel, and all genre’s of music you would find on a radio stations playlist.

Production, Beats, & Instrumentals

Vocal Comping, Vocal Tuning, Vocal Production, Mixing, Editing.

Proficient in (include what software you use eg: logic pro x etc

I am available for Conferences, Workshops, Crusades, Weddings, any event that requires live music and entertainment.


Our Important Values


Part of our vision is to train and equip Worship Teams to engage their audience into God’s Presence.

Our Call is to usher the Church into worship that is of Spirit and Truth. A deeper worship as we minister to God’s Children in Love and Grace imparting Freedom, Healing, Prophecy and Life.We want to also interact with the younger generation, teaching and guiding them to true worship. Not one soul left behind!


As we move across Africa and internationallyas itinerant ministers of the Gospel and Worship,our focus also remains on the communitiesthat we are closely knit with.We focus on interacting with everyone we meeton a personal level, initiating home visits for prayer, worship and building each other up.We offer counselling and guidance to peoplewho are in need of healing and counsel.

Church Service

Johan van Rensburg has been in Ministry for over 25 years leading the Church into Holy Praise and Prophetic Worship.

Invite him to your Conference, Church Services and Events.

Other Events & Gigs

Johan van Rensburg, Recording artist and entertainer, available as a live musician for your functions i.e: Weddings, Concerts, Birthday Celebrations.

Johan can also be hired for Music Production, Song

Composing , Mixing ,Editing, Music Directing and TV Hosting.

Past events

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